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Concrete Patios

man cleaning the concrete patios
A beautiful concrete patios
Stairs with a concrete patios
garden with a concrete patios

Have you been dreaming of installing a new patio but are worried about the costs? A concrete patio could be the perfect solution. St Catharines Concrete offers professional concrete patio design and installation services. Modern patios can provide added space for you and your family to enjoy. We can transform your backyard into a wonderful outdoor entertainment area or a fully functional outdoor kitchen. We have a wide variety of patio options that will improve the functionality of your patio while beautifying your property. Feel free to email or call us today for more info on our concrete patio services.

Concrete Patio Design Services

Modern outdoor patios can vastly improve your home. We offer countless design options that will add functionality to your patio while beautifying your property. We can design and install fully functional outdoor kitchens, multi-level patios, pool patios, and outdoor living areas. Adding stamped concrete and sealant to your patio will bring out its beauty. We offer professional patio design and installation services for commercial and residential clients in St Catharines, ON. If you are interested in patio services, don’t hesitate to give our team a call for a free consultation.

Residential Concrete Patio Services

Are you interested in a new patio for your home? St Catharines Concrete is the premier patio installer in the area. We offer professional patio design and installation services in St Catharines. We can design a patio that you and your family will enjoy for years. Our designers will sit down and work with you to make sure your brand new patio meets your needs and expectations. We offer a wide range of concrete finishing options that will also beautify your patio. Let us install the concrete patio of your dreams today. Feel free to call or email our team to learn more about our residential concrete patio services.

Commercial Concrete Patio Services

We also offer professional patio services for commercial properties. A patio can greatly improve the curb appeal of any commercial property. Adding a patio to your restaurant or bar is a great way to increase business and interest in your business. A new patio for your rental property can be a welcome addition and help you make your tenants happy. We offer a wide range of patio design and style options that can meet the needs and budget of your business. Our team is available today to discuss your commercial patio project. Call our customer service team today for more info or to schedule an appointment.

Concrete Patio Maintenance and Repair

Over time your patio could sustain damage. Luckily, cracks, holes, unlevel concrete, stains, and water damage can all be repaired. St Catharines Concrete offers professional, fast, and affordable concrete patio repairs in St Catharines. We can fix any type of damage to your patio. Does your patio have a sealant installed? Concrete sealants should be reapplied every 3-5 years to ensure their effectiveness. We offer affordable concrete sealant applications that will keep your patio protected from stains, water damage, weather exposure, and UV damage.