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Stamped Concrete

Man stamping the concrete
A man with an equipment for stamped concrete
Man with an equipment for cleaning
A man with an equipment for finishing a stamped concrete

If you are interested in a new concrete patio or driveway but are worried you might not like the look? Don’t worry. Concrete is an incredibly versatile building material. We can alter the look of your new concrete patio or driveway to match your unique style and your home’s visual aesthetic. Stamped concrete is a process that involves adding a textured design to the top layer of your concrete. This can simulate a wide variety of other, more expensive building materials. St Catharines Concrete offers professional stamped concrete and concrete finishing services that will beautify your concrete patio or driveway while boosting the curb appeal of your home.

What is stamped concrete?

Are you worried that a concrete patio will be boring or won’t match your home’s aesthetic? Let us improve the look and style of your patio or driveway. We can add a textured layer to the top of your concrete. Combined with concrete finishing services like sealant and dyes, we can transform the look of your concrete services. A stamped concrete surface can simulate other textures including brick, stone, slate, or marble tile. Concrete is much cheaper than these other building materials and you’ll get an amazing looking final product. We are available today to design and install your new stamped concrete patio, walkway, or driveway.

Stamped concrete uses

Stamped concrete has a variety of uses that will improve the look and aesthetic of your home or business. We can use stamped concrete to replicate the look of many more expensive building materials. We can simulate stunning brick patios and walkways, stone driveways, or slate pool decks. Let us install concrete walkways that simulate cobblestone. We can even simulate classic wood patterns for your patio. You won’t have to worry about a boring grey surface. Stamped concrete will dramatically improve the look and visual aesthetic of your home. If you would like to learn more about stamped concrete uses, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Stamped concrete installation

St Catharines Concrete provides professional stamped concrete installation services in St Catharines, ON. There is an art to installing stamped concrete and our team has years of experience perfecting it. Our team will prepare your concrete and provide professional stamping services. We will diagram your surface to ensure the design matches perfectly and then begin the stamping process. We always bring enough staff to ensure the project is done quickly and efficiently. Your concrete will be finished in no time. We are available today to talk about your stamped concrete needs. Feel free to email or call us today for more info.

Other concrete finishing services

We also provide a wide range of other concrete finishing services. We offer concrete sealants, dyes, and pigments that can dramatically improve the look of your concrete patio, walkways, and driveway. Sealants will add a protective layer to your concrete that will protect it from stains and water damage. Dyes and pigments can alter the color of your concrete. We can simulate more expensive building materials that will dramatically improve the look and curb appeal of your home.