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How to Repair Concrete Cracks

How to Repair Concrete Cracks

No matter how durable the concrete is, it can still be cracked and damaged. These are reasons why it usually got broken: fire, bacterial corrosion, water effects, and more. We cannot prevent this one, but we can have alternative solutions. We can repair it effectively. With this, we can make it stronger and increase its longevity. If you are struggling with your cracked concrete, here are the solutions you can do. These are the best ways on how to repair concrete cracks effectively and easily. 


Methods of Concrete Crack Repair 

There are different methods of repairing concrete cracks. You have various options on which is the best and suitable method for you. These methods have their equipment and procedures. You can consider this one in choosing what type of method suitable and easiest for you. Moreover, these are the various methods in repairing the concrete crack: 

  • Epoxy Injection 
  • Sealing the Cracks 
  • Stitching 


Chisel the Concrete Crack

In repairing the concrete crack, it is important to chisel it first. It is usually called “keying” the hole. It is essential to help the new patching material bond with the old crack easily. Keying makes the base bigger too easily. In this way, it can make the repair a lot easier. 


Remove the Dust

Before putting the concrete patch, it is essential to clean it up. Remove the dust and debris first before spreading the patch to it. You can use a whisk broom and vacuum to clean it up effectively.


Choose Well-Trusted Products

In repairing the concrete crack, there are instances where you need to use chemical products. That is why we’re reminding you to choose well-trusted products in this case. Some of them are hazardous – where you’ll need proper gear. Some of them are not effective enough. That is why it is important to be wise in choosing the products you’ll use. 


Hire Professionals

The best solution and tips to repair the concrete crack effectively is to hire professionals instead. The St. Catharines Concrete provides high-quality concrete installation, repair, and maintenance. We guarantee that through our repair service, we can increase the longevity of your concrete even more. You don’t need to deal with it on your own. You can contact St. Catharines Concrete for trusted and great assistance!